World Under Wonder was founded in 2014 by Sean Edward Roberts. Started as a traditional stage theatre organization and became a non profit with 501c3 status, now is an improvisational gaming theatre with emphasis on LARP (Live Action Role Playing). LARP is a style of theatrical game where players take on the role of a character inside a fictional scenario, with little to no scripting, and the only audience are the other players involved. 

LARP is a wonderful tool for building self confidence, empowering players with their roles, testing experiences and ideals in a fictional and safe environment, and forming community among the group. Other beneficial aspects include reading and writing skills along with problem solving and teamwork. 

Multiple different LARP programs exist within World Under Wonder, including a medieval fantasy LARP,  a horror game LARP, a LARP battle game, a high roleplay model UN inspired LARP, and multiple weekly craft/community building nights.

World Under Wonder Playhouse
Address: 5755 Route 5, Ascutney Vermont

GPS Address: 5755 US 5, Windsor, Vermont

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 264, Ascutney Vermont, 05030

Phone: 603-381-3344

Email: director@worldunderwonder.org

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