Auditions Scrooge: The Musical

World Under Wonder Playhouse presents auditions for its Winter musical… SCROOGE! this is the second year for this production. This production is in memory of David Roberts, the father of the Executive Director and Founder of the organization who passed away in 2017. Watching the film Scrooge each Christmas was a tradition of the family. When David passed away, it was hard on the whole family and Sean wishes to remember him this way. This production will be put on for 5 years all together as a community winter tradition.

This is a community production, open to all ages, youth and adult.

Cast list: roles can be transposed to allow males or females to take on male or female roles. Don’t feel left out! Try out!
Bob Crachet
Tom Jenkins
Jacob Marley
Ghost of Christmas Past
Mr. Fezziwig
Young Scrooge
Mrs. Fezziwig
Ghost of Christmas Present
Mrs. Ethel Crachet
Tiny Tim

There will be one day of auditions, but split up into two groups. From 2:30-4:30pm we will have auditions for those who tried out last year and wish to come back and take part again. from 4:30-6:30 we will open auditions up to those who were not part of the production the first year. All roles are potentially available so do not feel put off from auditioning.
At auditions, actors will be asked to prepare a 1 minute musical piece from any play to sing. Please bring sheet music to the audition for the accompanist to use. This will be to show your commitment to preparation for this production and your skill and willingness to work with a musical director on your piece. You will also be asked to prepare a 1 minute dramatic or comedic monologue from any play. You will be expected to stay for the whole duration of auditions to sing pieces from the script together, to do some acting exercises, and to learn and run through a piece of choreography that will be performed in the show. Thank you very much for your interest! There will only be about a month of rehearsals, so we will expect a lot of hard work put in by newcomers and hope to see you be off book within 2 weeks of the start of rehearsals. Watch or listen to the movie, it is very similar to the movie called Scrooge, that will help with memorization.

5755 Route 5, Ascutney VT

October 27

Past actors from previous year’s performances: 2:30-4:30pm

New actors to cast and crew: 4:30-6:30pm.

Thursday, Nov. 14: 6-9pm
Sunday, Nov. 17: 3-7pm
Thursday, Nov. 21: 6-9pm OFF BOOK!!!
Sunday, Nov. 24: 3-7pm
Sunday, Dec. 1: 3-7pm
Thursday, Dec. 5: 6-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 8: 3-7pm
Thursday, Dec. 12: 6-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 15: 3-7pm
Thursday, Dec. 19: 6-9pm
Sunday, Dec. 22: 3-7pm
Monday, Dec. 23: 6-9pm

Thursday: Dec. 26: Call 4pm, show: 7pm
Friday, Dec. 27: Call 5pm, show: 7pm
Saturday, Dec. 28: Call 5pm, show: 7pm
Sunday, Dec 29: Call 12pm, show: 2pm
Friday, Jan. 3: Call: 5pm, show: 7pm
Saturday, Jan. 4: Call: 5pm, show: 7pm

Free to participate in the production
$12 shirt cost if desired
$6 script rental cost(no purchases of scripts available, all must be rented and returned when show is finished)

This production is sponsored by the wonderful Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation.