World Under Wonder offers multiple types of LARPs at our theatre

Wonderwood Village: A medieval fantasy improvisational theatre game. Wonderwood Village is a mix of combat and roleplay, with a high emphasis on continuous story that flows together from week to week. Set within the world of Tanu, made up by our Director. You create a character within the world of Tanu who made their way to the village of Wonderwood and now lives here. Your character levels up over time and acquires wealth and skills. Players can take on the role of a temporary GM, where you can create a quest for a single session and acquire experience for your normal character. Occurs weekly on Mondays for those 16 and older, from 6-10pm

Wonderwood Continues: On the first Wednesday of every month from 5-8pm, players can come to continue playing the Wonderwood Village LARP. During these games, there are no set quests made by the Director, instead more focused on events players can create among one another. 

Darkness Falls: A slasher horror LARP game. Play as yourself, stuck with a group of friends in a terrifying place, being hunted down by a killer of some kind. While the killer chases you around, you will have certain tasks you need to accomplish in order to escape the play area. These events will be the 2nd Wednesday night of every other month. For those 16 and older. From 5-8pm.

Tanu United Nations: Based on the high school program, Model UN, where participants take on the role of a diplomat from a country on our earth… Tanu UN puts you in the place of a diplomat from a country in the world of Tanu. Tanu UN will have no combat and will be completely roleplay and debate focused. These events will be canon to the world of Tanu for the first section of the game, until world issues are handled. The last 3rd of every event will then break from Tanu canon and allow players to go nuts upon the world. Tanu UN will occur on the 2nd Wednesday of every other month, on the months that Darkness Falls does not occur. From 5-8pm.

Lightsaber Dueling club: On the 3rd Wednesday of every month, our group gathers together with lightsabers to learn to spar. From 5-8pm.

Board games and One Shot Days: On the Fourth Wednesday of every month, We sit around together, playing board games and possibly doing single shot LARP games that we all make up. From 5-8pm