Wonderwood Village

Click the link below to download the file for The Tanu LARP Rulebook.

Wonderwood Village:

Tanu LARP is a roleplay focused Live Action Role Playing game with a high emphasis on character building and having the ability to do things you normally might not be able to. Whether you are small but want to be a tank, or you are clumsy but wish to be rogue… the skill system of Tanu allows players to be whatever they wish they could be.

LARP is a great form of escapism and even catharsis. Through victories and defeats within the game world, we learn to cope or deal with the conflicts of our real lives. Act as an individual within the village of Wonderwood in the world of Tanu. This game asks you to stamp out a place for yourself within its history. While traveling elsewhere, players may interact with each other and continue to play while not at a quest night or even when not at World Under Wonder. The game is constantly on, so characters can interact with each other at any time, even breaking laws and casting spells and anything else they can come up with. The group is currently for ages 16 and up. We have a game on Monday evenings from 6-10pm. The group hosts anywhere between 8 and 20 members right now, depending on the day. Wonderwood’s goal is to have at least 30 people involved in the LARP.